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The Red Snapper is cash-only. Turn left or right out of the front door and there are free cash points within 40 paces both ways.

Wine and beer in The Red Snapper is Bring Your Own which guarantees you have the bottle you want. When it comes to soft drinks, we’ve got you covered.

Eat in or pop in to collect. You get the choices at The Red Snapper.


The flavour of Thailand goes deep at the Red Snapper - three generations deep. Owner Panwad Manateepho is the daughter of Thai restaurateurs and the grand-daughter of Thai restaurateurs. It means she's as steeped in the flavours of her homeland as the curries marinating in the Red Snapper’s cool room.


It is a source of pride to her – and to her dad who works in the kitchen - that the food she puts on the table is no different than what her granddad is serving back home in the Thai fishing community of Rayong.


And every flavour in the Red Snapper is real. There’s no MSG, no colourings, preservatives or additives and nothing ever ever – from a jar or a tin.


Every ingredient in the Red Snapper is under Panwads control which means she knows exactly what goes into every dish and, importantly, what didnt go into it. So when she says the curry sauces are vegan, she can guarantee it.


Panwad’s view is that food needs to be made with flair, passion and love or there is no point. Her husband and partner, Philippe, takes the same view about the dining experience in the Snapper.

Calling on his training in mixed media and his experience in making music videos, Philippe has designed a space with a unique character. Where else has a bench made from a door in granny’s house or a painting made by a street artist sitting by the side of the road in Rayong or where the commitment to re-cycling means a unique, organic space built on sustainability. Where else has such a true identity.

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