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January 2018


Hello from the heart of The Red Snapper, the kitchen.


​We wanted to talk about something that is central to Thai cooking; Curry.


The curry paste at The Red Snapper is unique and with a secret ingredient…  but we’ll get to that in a moment. The basics are minced onions, galangal, lemon grass, and kiffer lime leaves. The green curry also contains fresh chilli, fresh turmeric and kra chai, sometimes known as Chinese ginger. What none of our curries contain is shrimp paste which is often found in Thai curries. We leave it out as its contribution to flavour is minimal and this way we can keep our curries vegan.


Once all the raw ingredients have been minced together, they are cooked on a low heat with an equal measure of vegetable oil. Coconut milk is then added and the mixture is brought to medium heat when it is ready for the addition of vegetables or meat or whatever will go into the curry.


All the ingredients are from England and locally grown where possible… except for that one thing. There’s an additional item in all our curries that can be found only in Thailand. We stock up on it when one of us goes there and we have to budget an extra 20 kilos in the allowance on the plane to get it back to Brighton.


We can tell you this ingredient is a citrus zest but beyond that we have to say that a recipe that has been in the family for three generations has to stay in the family. If you can identify what it is, then you can consider yourself a true Red Snapper curry aficianado.


Until next time.


The Red Snapper


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